Someone I know thought I had a lot to share, a story to tell. She suggested I get all my feelings out in a journal – I already had a shit ton of those – or a blog. So I figured, why not let family, friends, and strangers judge me more by putting my unedited thoughts on the interwebs. Hopefully when my future jobs see this in my background check they chuckle instead of pulling me in for a meeting.

Oh well, we’ll see.

By the way for this to work, I need you and I to have an understanding. If you know me, you keep it quiet. If you don’t know me, try your best to figure me out (probably won’t be hard though; I’m an open book, or blog, whatever). In any case, (read in creepy voice) I’m an anonymous figure that has a blog, and posts about my life, but no one knows who I am… ooooooooooo .

K, I’m done.

(Also, all my art comes from the interwebs. I mean I’m talented but not like that.)