Ya’ll. My heart is racing, my hands shaking, and all I can do is laugh.

For the purposes of this and future work related stories, we are going to call my white co-worker Smokey due to her fondness of cigarettes and my black co-worker #bustednboujee; the name speaks for itself.

So as a bit of background, Smokey has been working here for over 10 years I believe and from what the grapevine told me, she applied for two positions in management that obviously passed her by. Her partner in crime Ms. #bustednboujee,  has been here for a little over 4 years and likes to spend most of her time beating her face (putting on make-up for my uncultured friends), chilling at her desk and then getting upset at myself and the 2 other new members of the team for asking her to do her work.

For example….

#BustedNBoujee spent most of her day on one given monday chillin and ke-ke-ing in Smokey’s office. Mind you, on Tuesdays STARTING AT 1PM she has to spend a lot of time working with patients and the surgeon and doesn’t have an leisure time to do much of anything else besides scheduling and giving information.

One would think that if you had a busy day on Tuesday, you would prepare for that busy day on Monday right?

Well #bustednboujee didn’t and then when phone calls were coming in BEFORE ONE and people were asking things of her, she would freak out on everybody because “she didn’t have time”.

Isn’t that strange? I wonder why she didn’t have any free time from 7’oclock (when she gets here) till 12:30pm? Very peculiar. The world will never know.

There will be many stories to come about #bustednboujee but today is not about her, today is about Smokey’s disrespectful ass.

I must let you know that the department I work for has been losing people back and forth because of the partnership of our dear Smokey and #bustednboujee.

Once again, the grapevine told me…

  • they were birthed from the pits of hell
  • they don’t know how to talk to people
  • they treat people as if they are below them
  • they push their work onto the new people so they can just sit and do nothing
  • they never answer phone calls because they think everyone else in the team doubles as their personal assistants



If they thought I started working here to be somebody’s bitch, they have another thing coming.

Now, on to why I’m over here putting on my gospel music to calm the hell down.

Because I’m new, I always send an email over to both Smokey and #bustednboujee so that they can both be in the loop just in case one of them is gone and the other can answer my question, so in the case of this story, I did just that.

Two weeks ago I emailed Smokey and cc’d #bustednboujee because I had a question about what to do if a patient didn’t have a certain test done.

Smokey emailed me back and told me to get the records together and then give the folder to either her or #bustednboujee for review.

Ok. Cool. Great.

Got it. Simple enough.

YESTERDAY I decided to hand over the folder because 98% of the preparation was complete and the only thing that was missing was the one thing we discussed being a bit concerned about.

So naturally, because I follow instructions, I gave the folder to Smokey with a note on it that said it needed to be reviewed by her. Before I ended up leaving for the day, the folder ended up back on my desk with a sticky on it that read “what was your question” written by your girl #bustednboujee.

As soon as I saw the folder I was like “why is #bustednboujee bringing this over to me anyway when I gave it to Smokey?

Anywho, so this morning when I came in the folder was gone and I got an email from #bustednboujee to stop by her desk to discuss the folder. When I went over she goes..

“Smokey didn’t know what you wanted so what is it that you need her to do?”

Is Smokey’s phone broke? Has her email shut down? Did her feet disappear?

If SMOKEY didn’t know what I wanted her to do with the folder SMOKEY could’ve contacted me! What the hell is she doing having a foot soldier? Bitch, bye.

So instead of writing a new note that would have everything that was already in the email I originally sent to her, my smart ass decided to just print the email out and highlight the issue that needed to be dealt with so she didn’t have to read the whole thread. I also went the extra mile and called the outside office that we needed the extra info from to check if they had sent over the things we needed because I knew she would ask and left a little highlighted note for her as well!

As soon as Smokey walked in I said, “I have a present for you! This is the folder that you apparently didn’t understand what you needed to do with” and handed her the folder. She goes “Yeah because there was nothing on it instead of give Smokey to review”.

Me: “Well, we talked about it in an email so I thought….”

Smokey: *cuts me off* “Yeah but that was like two weeks ago haha”

Me: “Well I printed off the email for you so now you know what we talked about!” *turns back to conversation I was having….*


To keep things clear, I needed to order images for a test that was done but there was no way to do that because all of the files we had said the test wasn’t done.

Do you see the confusion? This is exactly why I needed Smokey to review it, see if I was missing something, and give me further direction on what I needed to do.

When we were in training, both Smokey and #bustednboujee instructed us to leave any fax receipts and other information that the admin may need IN THE LEFT HAND POCKET OF EVERY FOLDER.  If we needed an extra copy of some paperwork or needed to call the office to make them expedite a shipment of images/slides, we could refer to that pocket and know where to call based on the fax requests that we sent out.

Because of said training, I try not to put too much information on the intake sheet because then it looks super unorganized. Instead I put notes that would inform the admin on what we already have and what we still need in terms of preparing the folder.

With all that being said, when I went back to my box to see if any new paperwork came over for me, what did I see…


When I looked at the sheet I had put with all my beautiful highlighted notes, Smokey’s ass circled and highlighted some shit herself AND wrote a few notes of her own.

From the email thread she highlighted & CIRCLED the part where she said “just put what you need on the intake sheet” and then at the bottom of the page she wrote “request (date) images if you have not done so already. Is (date) a part of the ‘images’?”



This may not seem like a big deal to you guys but I was FUMING.

Not only did she think it was ok to respond to my pettiness with pettiness but she decided to LEAVE IT IN MY FUCKING BOX.


It was so unnecessary, childish, and just extra af for a late 30yr old “senior admin”.


Girl, bye.

What made me even more upset is that she put the images in quotes as if them bitches were imaginary!!!

So my little 5’4 ass took a couple of deep breaths, left a couple of heated voicemails on my sister and best friend’s phones, and took my little ass to Smokey’s office ready for war.

Me: So I saw your notes and I didn’t quite understand what you didn’t understand. Can you explain your note about the quote unquote images? *makes quotation fingers*

Smokey: I don’t know what images you claimed to have requested… It doesn’t say it on the intake sheet.

Me in my head:



Me out loud: Well if it wasn’t on the intake sheet you could’ve opened up the folder…

Smokey: *cuts me off* I don’t have time to sift through what you did or did not do.. that’s what the intake sheet is for….

My face:



Smokey continues: …If you were out how is someone supposed to know what they need to do and what they don’t need to do from your intake sheet?



Actually me: They would look in the chart (the real name for the folders)….where everything is.

Smokey: There is no way for me to know that, that’s why you need to put everything on the intake sheet.

Me: *completely over the whole conversation* Um hm, yup. I guess. *walks away*


Bro I was sooo tight, but I knew that if I continued talking to her nothing would get done so I just needed to remove myself from her presence.

Later on that day #bustednboujee waves me down to tell me that the images I requested came in but Smokey said that they were missing one and that I should request it.


On closer examination, the disc said that there were two images on the one cd so naturally I went back and told #bustednboujee.

Of course Smokey has the door of her office open to be involved in everyone’s business, as per usual, and shouts out…

Smokey: You don’t need to break your back to get it. It can be gotten after the fact.

…but the whole time she was saying that #bustednboujee is talking to me so she couldn’t hear what she said.

Me, I heard everything but I wanted her to repeat it so #bustednboujee could here that she was taking that responsibility off of my soldiers, because I knew that later on down the road I would be blamed for not getting the images. (Both of them have selective amnesia; it’s very convenient to say the least)

So then I go…

Me: What did you say Smokey? I couldn’t hear you…

Smokey: *long ass dramatic pause* Don’t worry about it, I’ll do it.


So after all that unnecessary drama, she decided to do what she needed to do in the mutha-luvin first place.

I thought I escaped the drama when I left my last job which was working with puberty struck teenagers but I guess this new job is gonna try to give me a run for my money.

I’ll let ya’ll know now….

When #bustednboujee and her butt buddy Smokey join forces to try me, I’m just going to do my work, keep my head down and try to keep my mouth shut. I’m not here for them.

I’ll just be at my little cubicle like….






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