Man, what a week!

Shoutout to the middle aged woman on the bus who told her daughter that her husband could still find her sexy “even though” they are married.

Shoutout to the guy who told me I should smile while I was walking to the bus,  as if smiling at the concrete would make my commute home so much faster.

Shoutout to the young woman on the bus who was talking to her friend about pride and discussed how black LGBTQ+ and other poc lead the way for lgbtq+ freedoms but have been purposely left out of celebration and conversation.

Shoutout to my co-worker for talking to me as if I was slow, embarrassing me in front of my teammates and everyone else in ear range, blaming me for having to push back a surgery (although she didn’t), and essentially making me return to my old ways: self-harming and disassociation.

Shoutout to self-care for pushing me to buy tickets to a show tomorrow night and being brave enough to go alone, although I thought of bringing everyone and anyone.

Shoutout to courage for pushing me to ask friends to hang out and even after being denied, still wanting to go.

Shoutout to my sister for being my best friend and accepting me for who I am despite my flaws, but still hasn’t seen or read this blog because of my fear that it will ruin our relationship for some reason.

Shoutout to the Tinder prospect who told me my tongue was long and “interesting” after lurking on my IG and then turned around and asked me for my IG and SC accounts as if I forgot the statement he made 2 seconds prior.

Shoutout to the end of purging despite my internal battle to keep it up.

Shoutout to my new steel waterbottle and all the water I’m finna down when I’m at work.

Shoutout to the constant reminder that I’m seeing a psychiatrist early next month and that I will have the opportunity to explore new options and get on the path to feeling better.

Shoutout to friends that read my blog, encourage me to keep writing, and help me realize that I’m not alone.

Shoutout to me because… well, I don’t need a reason.


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