This that grown folk stuff.



Despite popular belief, I’m not horny and I’m not a virgin (but ya’ll already knew that).

I just wanna have someone slap my butt, suck on my titties all gentle and shit, choke me a lil, and actually enjoy the experience; is that too much to ask?!

Like damn. I know I’m a Christian (whatever the hell that means) and I’m “not supposed to have sex before marriage blah blah” but I’ve already jump that broom a few times over, so fuck that.

In any case, I tend to think of myself as a sexual stallion. I’m down to try anything once…. or at least I think so.

If someone really asked me to eat it like groceries I would be like…..

Image result for grossed out gif

Let’s not forget what I would do if someone told me to get on top….

Image result for guy blinking gif

Don’t get me wrong, I wanna be the sexual stallion I think of myself  to be and jump from room to room, and glide from position to position, but I’m afraid!

For one, I still have some body acceptance issues because I feel like when people do have sex with me that they are thinking about someone else who’s more endowed with assets than I, or that I’m just a more fleshy blow up doll that doesn’t really do it for them but gets the job done.

Not to mention, I feel as though most dudes my age already have a good 10+ bodies to their name so when we get to turning off the lights and lighting candles, I’ll be the highlight of their next guys night as the girl who was terrible in bed.

…but honestly, why don’t we think of sex like a job? HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO BE GOOD WITH NO EXPERIENCE?! WITH NO ONE TO TEACH ME?!

Image result for white guy confused gif

Because of the huge access to porn on any and every platform, my generation tends to act like we are all porn stars in our own rite and that one person’s inability to be able to fondle the twig and berries absolutely discredits them as a person.

I also think that because we live in a society where the topic of sex is so taboo but yet broadcasted even in the most mundane of conversations, we expect women to be the most sexual nuns; we want them to be able to do a split on the D but then act like a shy librarian out in the street.

I bet some of ya’ll read this and was like “whoa. this is a bit too much”. Why ?

We are so used to hearing songs like Fantasy, Swalla, or fukcing, Sex with me, that sex is nothing to us, but we make it such a big deal!

Who cares if I wanna buss it open for daddy and be open about it!?! Weren’t ya’ll doing the same thing last night?! Shoot.

Image result for waiting for you at the door gif

I think it’s time for us to just chill and let women be comfortable with their sexual exploits the same ways in which we allow men.


I’m so sick and tired of trying to get to know someone and within the first 3 times of having actual conversation they ask me, “So, are you a virgin? What’s your body count?”

Bitch, is that any of your business who I’ve been fucking?! Hell no!

God forbid if my body count was 20, there will be 1 one 2 responses. Either “oh damn, she a hoe” or “damn, she’s easy”.


Since we’re “soooo progressive” as a generation, by this time next year when I say I’m tryna have my taco ate, all I better hear is “yesss bitch, me too!” or “ok girl! just make sure you safe!”. Shit.

Sometimes people want sex they just want to have a really intimate experience with someone. Maybe sex is nothing to them and they just want to feel something.

I don’t understand why we make it such a big deal.

I remember when I lost my V card on spring break and my friend looked at me different, like I had just made the worst decision of my life.

Granted, I was in my feelings for a bit and felt kind of sad because of all the preconceived notions that were fed to me about losing my purity and not being as desirable when being thought of for marriage, but after I talked to a few of my guy friends and more open minded people I was like, WTF.

I’m grown and I made a conscious decision to share my body with someone because I felt like it. There is no reason for me to feel any type of way for doing something that is fucking normal.

Since then, I tend to find myself a little bit leery about who I share my body/energy with because sex is more than just an action to me, but overall, I really don’t care.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m an attractive black woman, with so much to offer, that wants to be felt up every now and again, and IT’S FREAKING NORMAL.

I refuse to feel any type of shame or discomfort because of how other people want to project their lifestyles on me.

If I wanna have sex, I’m gonna do it. Safe.

Like I said, I’m not a stallion yet so imma need to be taught a few thangs.

…but in the meantime, who’s tryna play with my kitty. I’m grown. So wassup?


2 thoughts on “This that grown folk stuff.

  1. This is incredible. Your personality really shines in this post and I’m all for your newfound confidence being unashamed in being active 👏🏾

    Liked by 1 person

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