It’s been a while.


I GOT THE JOB!!! I’ve been waiting for an answer about my employment status for this one job since DECEMBER people. Yes, fucking December.

Look at me now, employed, and budding as a “baddie”. Oh yeah, I’m killing the game.

My mental health has been in check for the most part, the dude I’m talking to has become more tolerable and I no longer question how close me and my best friend are. Life is good man.

Honestly since my first post I’ve just been traveling… to NY that is. I’m not a fancy hoe yet.

…but yeah man, I went to NY like twice, and the second time I went from NY to Florida on a road trip with my bestie and 3 of her friends and Lord let me tell you, BARE DRAMA MAN. Well, it wasn’t for the whole trip but long story short, the one guy that was on the trip likes my bestie but my bestie isn’t feeling him like that at all because they already had established the “brother/sister” relationship. Not to mention, the dude’s ex-gf was on the trip as well because all three of them (my bestie, the ex, and the guy) are all really close friends and hang out frequently. Let’s just say that shit got awkward, errbody was being fake, and I was trying my best not to be petty for the sake of my best friend’s sanity.

No I will not expose the drama that went down, they might read this post one day, but I appreciate how messy you are for wanting me to.

What else….

Oh yeah, I dabbled in the lady pond and had my first trio (if you know what I mean: wink wink). Still not sure how I feel about either of those encounters, but in the moment I can say I was very pleased (all puns intended).

Last but certainly not least, I’m enjoying life. It’s weird that everything is going so well, and honestly I feel like I’m in a dream, but maybe this is what living in the moment is supposed to feel like.

I just hope these feelings of joy, contentment, peace, love, and all the other corny adjectives don’t go away because of one abrupt life fuck up.

All we can do is wait and see.


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