Stay in your lane ho(e)mie

Ya’lllllllllllllll I’m back…FOR I HAVE BEEN TRIED…YET AGAIN! You’re probably there like, “Tell me girl! Spill the tea!”…. Well get your protective suits on ladies and gents because this one is coming piping hot, straight from the pot, WITH RECEIPTS!!!! So as a backstory, when I was single and looking for attention, ya girl was […]

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Blessings and Boys

Y’ALL…… I GOT INTO A GRAD SCHOOL PROGRAM!!!! Yes yes yes! Your girl will be attending school in the fall to start her Master’s in Criminal Justice & Criminology, so don’t let me find none of y’all asses behind bars. Slowly but surely my dreams are coming true! Well, let me not say slowly, because everything […]

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